Testimonials From Parents

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"My daughter never wants to come home! I love the hands-on play based learning, gardening and caring for chooks has really opened her mind up to agriculture. I admire the way the staff allow the children to make their own choices and talk them through outcomes, rather than simply 'telling' them right from wrong. Her progress is obvious to everyone that knows her. Highly recommend!"

Lara, Benny, Ariel and Holly


"Picking the right Centre for my daughter was an important decision, From the very first time I stepped foot in the doors it felt like home. The hands on experience the kids get to enjoy with the pets, like collecting eggs and eating them at snack time, was something I could really appreciate. The carers are always welcoming and genuine and I'm so thankful to be a part of this community with my daughter."

Yasmin and Danika


"Adele has been at Somerset ELC close to 2 years now. We chose it for the long hours and convenient location. The staff are lovely and always keep us informed about how Adele was throughout the day. Her speech has improved and she has gained so much independence. They have great entertainment and educational visits such as wildlife park, dentist, fire brigade, magic and puppet shows. With a 6:30am open, chickens for the kids to care for and friendly staff, it really works for my family. Thank you for looking after our girl."

Matt, Rachael and Adele


"Our 2 children have been at Somerset for the last 12 months and we could not recommend them enough. My husband and I moved to the area as a result of a Defence Force posting. Somerset impressed us from the beginning with the large spacious classrooms, beautiful handmade furnishings and caring staff. As a teacher, I wanted an educational program that still allowed my children to play and be in a natural environment, opposed to a plastic one. We love the fact that the service is quiet, affording, our children's individualised attention. We are so grateful to all the beautiful Somerset Educators." 

Nicki, Rob, Charlie and Benji


"I first sent my son to Somerset Early Learning Centre as it was easy for me to drop him off on my way to work and it covered the hours I needed. We have now moved house and would not need to go pass the centre, as it is in the other direction and adds another 20mins onto the drive but he still goes there as the staff there are amazing. There is always something that is happening there whether it be someone visiting the centre or they are just doing something around the grounds. There is constantly something for the kids to learn and the centre also encourages eating lots of fresh fruit. I don't have a problem with my son eating let alone eating fresh fruit but to have a centre that encourages it makes it something less that I have to worry about when he is not in my care. If I ever have a question or just want to ring to check up on my son I don't worry that I am going to be annoying the staff or that they are going to be rude, they are always willing to answer any questions I have and help with any problems that may be occurring with my son (if happening both at home and school I ask them to keep an eye on it). There is nothing that ever seems to be too much for the staff there."

Jessica Scott


"Our 2 girls started at Somerset Early Learning Centre after a few attempts at other centres where they just didn't seem happy. We chose Somerset because from the very first meeting we felt comfortable and the girls took to the Educator's quite quickly in our first walk through. One of our daughters got really ill and had to be removed from the care but the support we received from the management and Educator's alike was invaluable. They went above and beyond their normal responsibility to help our family and our older daughter in particular, to adjust to the dramatic changes our family was dealing with in all ways possible. I highly recommend this centre for not only their valuable care of children but for their understanding and treatment of a family as a whole. The centre is not just a number but a valuable member of a tiny community that cares for your children."

Rachael Clements


"My Daughter started full time at Somerset Early Learning Centrel at just over 2 years of age and attended until she started kindergarten this year. She was in nappies, still had a dummy and a bottle. They helped toilet trained her, weened her and develop beautifully. They created a huge sense of wellbeing and comfort in her settling period and every day she attended. The level of care provided is beyond exceptional, they are caring, patient, open and most of all very friendly. I truly believe that Somerset was a main contributor to her development in so many ways, encouraging new skills and talents in all areas. The centre environment is second to none and the facilities available to the children are outstanding in my opinion, including centre pets, edible gardens, a beautiful outdoor area and every day brings something new. This is definitely a childcare provider I would recommend to anyone without hesitation and I can’t wait for my littlest to attend the centre in due course.

Amanda Riley


"I first chose Somerset Early Learning Centre to send my son for its natural play settings and healthy eating habits that they promote. I now recommend Somerset Early Learning Centre for these things, but also for the staff whom works within the centre. They work with the parents to create the best outcomes for the children whom attend, both educationally and socially. This centre has helped my son become the best he can be and I recommend everyone to consider this centre for their children so they can become the best they can be as well."

Lisa Harvey